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Irina Nikiforova

Guru Ji Manish helped me to understand what means yoga. I don't need a lot of time. I need inspiration and a desire to develop myself. Yoga means not only body exercises. It is the lifestyle, the mental state. Everything changed in my life. I found the time for asanas and meditation. I lose permanently stress and tension. I feel myself better physically and mentally. I am thankful for Guruji. He taught me to understand Yoga in the right way.


Elena Antonova

After the first Yoga lesson, my state of mind became better. Day by day I am working with my body and the mental rest is coming. The breathing techniques make massage inside the body. Yoga gives the possibility newly to recognize the body, brain, and soul. During the Yoga perfection comes the improvement in all the life and career.


Yuliya Pleshkova

I am 55. I started to visit Yoga one year ago. Before I got acquainted with lessons of Guru Ji Manish my weight was 113 kg with a height of 174 cm. There was a pain at my back, legs. I had arterial hypertension. Since the time I practice Yoga I lost 15 kg in the first 6 months, and then 10 kg more. I forgot about hypertension. I have no dyspnea. My legs and Spain are feeling much better. Thanks a lot for mantras that Guru Ji sings. I like breathing exercises.


Olga Ivolga

I came to yoga because of the pain in the back, which haunted me since childhood. During the classes, I was able to improve flexibility, learn to understand my body, emotions, control the mind. Representing the culture of yoga at the Embassy of India is an honor. It's incredible, but yoga has helped in the matter of self-determination! Once I came to the class, I can not imagine another way, except the one on which the rug is leading me.


Alexandra Sholtinskaia

During his yoga classes, Manish Ji creates an amazing, positive atmosphere full of harmony. Here you forget about all the problems, the mind calms down, and the body relaxes and can bend and stretch in a variety of asanas. And what a great singer Manish Ji is! His voice touches the soul and fills the heart with love.


Irina Scherb

Yoga is the temple of positivity! During the classes, I feel myself perfectly. I always want to smile. I feel my body and my brain. It is a very strong, impressive and extraordinary state. And I could hardly explain it by the words. After the lessons, I love all the people and I love myself. The world is great! Life is wonderful!


Kostikov Iurii

Indian classical Yoga immediately entered my heart and settled in it forever. Yoga bears the message of good, unity and peace across the world. I wish to my Teacher Manish a lot of creative inspiration in his dedication to Yoga.

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