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The founder of VISHWA Vishwa Jagrati Yoga TRUST Haridwar Manishacharya was born at very auspicious place Saharanpur situated between two famous Holy rivers Ganga & Yamuna also in the north of which is the famous Sidha Peeth (temple) of Shakumbhari Devi and in the South world-famous center of education Dev friend is situated Darul-Ulum.
Acharya Ji was born in a renowned family Pt. Vishvambhar Singh who was the freedom fighter and honored by the President of India. His father Dr. Harsh Vardhan Sharma expert in yoga and Ayurveda, also a writer, the therapist and nationalist lives in Saharanpur. At a very early age, Acharya Ji acquired good Sanskars and love for yoga and spirituality and also he wants to serve the society.
Acharya ji had an early education in Saharanpur and higher education at the famous University of the world-famous Gurukul Vishvavidyalaya at Holy city Haridwar. Apart from this, he had an opportunity to meet and to get educated from the sants of Himalayas also he practice with them.
Acharya ji served the famous institution with PARMARTH NIKETAN, KAIVALYADHAMA, Swami Ram Sadhak Gram, Patanjali Scientific Research in the field of Yoga and Nature care. The first lecture he gave delivered on yoga at the age of nine. And the age of eighteen he conducted the first Yoga Camp. The famous organization Rashtriya Jan Kalyan Samiti Bharat conferred the honoree Degree of Yoga " YOGA MART AND ", On one hand, he is creating and enthusiasm amongst the youth of Punjab, Haryana, Ultra Khand, U.P., and Delhi, etc.

He is a multi-talented personality and commands on Astrology, Singing, Vedas Shlokas, writer and poet too as well as Yoga and Vedas. He knows language Hindi, English, Sanskrit and Russian, These all Qualities are very rare in one soul, He received various types of awards on the International level He taught very famous personalities not only in India abroad also like Sergei, cultural minister, Sumitra Mahajan Ex. Speaker, The parliament of India, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Member of Parliament Ms. Hema Malini, Chief Minister of Uttrakhand Mr. Harish Rawat, Principal Secy. Of HRD, Mr. S.C.Khuntia, Additional Solicitor General of India Ms. Indira Jai Sing, Mr. Pankaj Saran IFS Ambassador of India in Russia Moscow, G. Balasubramanian IFS DCM Embassy of India Etc. Acharya ji lives three years continue in Russia and worked for Embassy of India as Yoga Guru in Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre Moscow by the ministry for the External affairs Government of India. Acharyaji's followers published a Book to dedicated his yoga journey in Russia " Yoga journey "The Himalayas to Russia" and His Students also released a CD album of Bollywood songs in Moscow, Russia " Manishamrit ... colors of life" a Music mantra CD album also under construction in Russia.about yoga by organizing yoga camps and workshops among the other side and awareness about the health also is creative thus a view revolution about the Personality Development is taking place. He has attempted and continuously probing the cure of different disorders through yoga, naturopathy & Ayurveda. He continuing serving for the yoga in abroad Thailand, Nepal, Maldives, Mauritius, Dubai, Kazan, Bryansk, Moscow, Austria, China, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Africa, Burkina Faso, Moldova, Siberia Etc. His yoga workshops and program telecasted by national or international broadcast. He represents India abroad all last International Day of Yoga in Africa, China, Moscow (Russia), Kazan.


Meditation is used to establish who we are and nothing else. Our thoughts and speculations are like a veil covering our true Nature, so the purpose of Meditation is to still the mind and halt thinking so that Pure Existence can be experienced. Meditation is continuous Concentration...Concentration is to devote one's Attention towards a single point: the point of Concentration. The uninterrupted flow of one's Attention is called Meditation. Through continuous Meditation, one becomes One with the object of one's Concentration. This is called Contemplation and the resulting Trance is called Samadhi, Holy Trance, Mystical Union, filled with the Holy Spirit, etc. The greatest difficulty faced in meditation is our identification with personality, ego, mind-structure, and body. We cling to this false personality, fearing its dissolution, and it is only when the mind comes to a complete standstill that we are enabled to fully identify with the silent observer: our true Self. By experiencing one's Self as pure Awareness, the fear of death is eliminated. Death only concerns body and mind and Awareness is not the product of either: Awareness simply Is. It compares to waking up from a dream: Upon waking, the dreamer continues to exist long after the dream world has vanished. Meditation would be much easier if we could simply order the mind to be still - but to cease creating thoughts is an extremely difficult task for most of us. For this reason, meditation techniques have been developed to give the mind something to hang on to. Words designed for that purpose are called mantras. The mental application of mantras during meditation is called Mantra Yoga, Mantra Meditation or, since it leads beyond, Transcendental Meditation. Effective mantras for meditation may be AUM, OM, So-Ham, Aham, ... Meditation, Stress and Memory Much of our memory may be impaired through our stress response. In response to stress, adrenaline and cortisol may be released into our bloodstream. Cortisol, when it is not properly processed, uses up glucose leading to a deficit of a fuel that is constantly required by our brain. Cortisol also interferes with the balance of neurotransmitters and causes a higher production of free radicals which directly damage brain cells. Studies by the University of Montreal and McGill have proven the direct damage to our cognitive functions by cortisol. Meditation can be a very effective method for reducing stress, thereby also improving memory.

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Yoga has been integral part of Indian culture and tradition. Yoga has assumed great importance in holistic treatment of several human decease especially hose related to heart,nerves and several other internal organs.Modern research has revealed that there is more often then not a direct relationship between mental tension and decease kind of cardie vascular decease and ulcer.In our short easy we will briefly discussed the vadantic approach to the science of yoga and see how our ancient sages have looked upon the problems and their solutions
Our culture is the based on VASUDHAIV KUTUMBKAM (all world is our famiy) and our soul gave birth many holistic saints and maharishies and our revolutioners have gave many devotion to his motherland knowledge and cultural expect,serve and helping attitude to the world.The main purpse of trust for serve for every living things.The aims of trust finish to castism voilence ,hate, communal voilance and increase love in every heart for our country.In the whole world from YOG REVOLUTION new consiousness for health and lesson of humanity.the knowing importance of Yoga in the spiritual way and in daily life for common people.
Yoga is popular worldwide. it has reached almost every doorstep of the world.People practice yoga in same form or the other, if not for spiritual purpose but for maintaining a good health or too over come some of the health problem. At present the human existence is challenged by the stress and stress induced disorders or psychosomatics deceases. The discipline of yoga is basically spiritual science, which leads moksha or liberation,but it has been observed through the applied research that the regular practice of yoga not only promotes the extent.

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