15 Days Astrology Course in Haridwar India


Astrology Course Manishacharya. Certificate, Research Courses in Astrology at Vishwa Jagrati Yoga Trust. Learn Astrology, how to read Horoscope chart, predict Zodiac Signs, etc. Courses are focused on Indian Vedic Sciences Jyotish, Vaastu, Ank Shastra, Hastrekha. If you want to learn astrology quickly, go for the certificate in predictive astrology to start your career in astrology.
Vishwa Jagrati Yoga Trust is a professional astrological organization which provides consultancy and complete professional training in ASTROLOGY, PALMISTRY, VASTU, NUMEROLOGY, THROAT, etc.
Vishwa Jagrati Yoga Trust is counted among the Best astrologer in Haridwar and provides lots of services, like, birthday predictions, horoscope analysis, samudrik reading, love problems, career guidance, Vastu consultancy, etc. We focus on how astrology works and how it is used and implemented.
Everyone is interested to know about future prospects, even though a person or an individual will pretend that he does not have any faith in Astrology, but the real situation is not that so. In our opinion, there are people who tried to understand this science but they don't know the depth of this science and get misguided easily and told this is a myth.


But Astrology is a science and scientifically pinpoints the future of every individual, - what are all the achievements, sorrows, happiness, incidents, situations that a person is going to face - these are all the essential facts - that Astrology reveals. We offer special CAREER GUIDANCE TO THOSE, WHO DONT KNOW, WHICH FIELD THEY SHOULD CHOOSE FOR THEIR CAREER. If they choose their career according to astrology then they will definitely succeed.
Generally, people think, that this science is nothing,
But our gurus and rishis have installed this as a calculative science. The way we use the calculator in maths in the same way in astrology we can predict the future of a person to a large extent. Because of which a person gets insight into future possibilities how he can tackle them which helps him in framing his future.
As we see, in India and abroad all those people who are aware of this science, they use it before starting a new work. They use the facilities of an astrologer, Vastu consultant, palm reader, etc. to organize themselves, so that their new work does not get obstructed. And we perceive rich people to succeed continuously...

WHAT IS Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient science of the Vedas. Astrology shows the path to us How can we follow with the rules and regulation. It is the third eye of the knowledge and Jyotish have the various path for awakening to you. According to Manu, Human life divided into four parts: 1. Brahmacharya 2. Grihastha 3. Vanaprastha 4. Sanyaas And in astrology have also divided life into four parts in Vimshottari Mahadasha and every part has 40 years. In Astrology, We are the followers of Lord Surya and Lord Surya gave all messages of astrology. According to astrology text : ज्योतिषाणां ग्रहाणां बोधक शास्त्रं Astrology is the science to awareness of your life to know to your planets. For example; you are in a dark room and you can't see anything if you are in a dark room with a torch then you can see with the help of torch properly. it can show the proper path to go outside of the room you may achieve your destination easily. So Astrology is like a torch, In Sanskrit word Jyotish, Jyotish word made from Jyoti its means Prakash or light According to text, Astrology is completely based on your karma or action without work or action we can not live a couple of moments. Astrology is a broad science that covers the whole world within itself. Vishwa Jagrati Yoga Trust wants to spread out these types of knowledge Yoga and Astrology. That why In this channel, we are introducing the educational and retreat courses of Astrology with yoga.
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Certificate Course in Astrology

Introduction to Astrology, Zodiac Sings and Solar System, Planets, Rashis, Nakshatras, Calculation of Time, Sidereal time, Duration of day and night, Planetary degrees, The Retrograde and Direct motions of Planets, Rising and setting of Planets, Casting of Horoscopes- Natal and Chalit, 12 House of Horoscope, Calculation of Vimsottari Dasha and Antardasha. Uses of Panchang to Find out Tithi, Paksha and Month, To know Panchang of a day, Increases and Decreases of This, Kshaya and Adhik maas, Names of twelve months of the Indian calendar, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karan. Planets characteristics, Natural friendship, Temporary friendship, Fivefold friendship, Exalted and debilitated signs of planets and degrees, The Mooltrikone signs and own signs and their degrees, Enemies of planets, Significators, State of planets, Aspects of planets. Characteristics of Signs, Their nature, Elements, Even and Odd Signs, Male, Female, Dwipad, Chatushpad, Keet, Moveable, Fix, and Mixed Signs; Earthy, Watery, Fiery, Airy Signs; Shirshoday, Prishthodaya, and Ubhayodaya Signs.

15 DAYS ASTROLOGY COURSE : What is Included

  • Course Fees: $1800 USD (Private Room)
  • Course Fees: $1500 USD (Shared Room)
  • Free taxi pick-up only from Dehradun Airport
  • Ashram based room with attached bathroom
  • 15 Nights room stay
  • 15 Days meals provided
  • 3 Vegetarian meals per day
  • Daily refreshing morning Ayurvedic tea
  • Daily morning Pooja and Chanting
  • 24 hours filtered drinking water
  • 24 hours wi-fi connectivity
  • Daily Pranayama & Meditation Classes
  • Histroy of Astrology
  • planets
  • Vedic mantra on astrology
  • Panchang Rreading
  • Nakshatra details
  • Surya kundali
  • Chandra kundali
  • Varshphal
  • Avakhada chakra


Course Date Course Fees
(With Food & Private Room)
Course Fees
(With Food & Shared Room)
Course Fees
(Only Yoga)
15tn Jan to 30th Jan 2020 1800 USD 1500 USD 1300 USD
05th Feb to 20th Feb 2020 1800 USD 1500 USD 1300 USD
15tn May to 30th May 2020 1800 USD 1500 USD 1300 USD
15tn Sep to 31st Sep 2020 1800 USD 1500 USD 1300 USD
22nd Aug to 31st Aug 2020 1800 USD 1500 USD 1300 USD
15tn Dec to 30th Dec 2020 1800 USD 1500 USD 1300 USD