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city Blood Bank is for public donation center with blood donation members in the changing health care system.

  • Specialist blood donors and clinical supervision.
  • Increasing communication with our members.
  • High quality assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Examine critically to ensure alignment.
  • The extra care of a multi-disciplinary team.


City Blood Bank Encourage new donors to join and continue to give blood.

Good To Know

Helpful Information

  • Maintain a healthy iron level by eating iron rich foods.
  • Drink an extra 16 oz. of water prior to your donation.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before your blood donation.
  • Remember to bring the donor card or national ID/Passport.
  • Finally, Try to get a good night sound sleep after donation.

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Latest news and statements regarding giving blood processing

latest news

Blood Connects Us All in a Soul

April 4, 2017   10 Comments
In many countries, demand exceeds supply, and blood services face the challenge of making blood available for patient.
latest news

Give Blood and Save three Lives

April 4, 2017   10 Comments
To save a life, you don't need to use muscle. By donating just one unit of blood, you can save three lives or even several lives.
latest news

Why Should I donate Blood ?

April 4, 2017   10 Comments
Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person.Donating blood not only saves the life also donors.
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